"mr. sandman" (2014)

directed by: M. Poplawska, J. Pawluskiewicz
producer: Moma Film Fundation
running time: 15 min.
music: Piotr Sleczek
percussion: Jan Pilch
Wiktoria Chrobak
Damian Mielec
children's choir: Scherzino Choir



description: The film was produced as part of “New Urban Legends” project. The idea behind this experimental educational project was to encourage school children to think up, tell or write new legends about their own town quarters. These stories were then made into screenplays and filmed. As the result, amazing tales about eerie places and mysterious events were created. Even though invented by children, these legends seem addressed not just to kids. 

plot: Zandka, a part od silesian city Zabrze is taken over by evil Mr. Sandman. Few animals, still fighting for their freedom, decide to set free their friend, the Dog. Steam punk mixed with absurd. The movie is a part of New Urban Legends project, filmed in Silesia.

Mr. Sandman, Alojzy of Zandka Coat of Arms, completely dominated the quarter and its inhabitants, and he turned most of animals into sand. Just a small group of rebels survived, who – having nowhere to hide – decided to overthrow the tyrant, with an owl as their commander.

"I Love you so much" (2009)

directed by: M. Bochniak
producer: Cracow Film Crew K.F. i A.T. 
running time: 28 min.
music: Piotr Sleczek
Karolina Kominek
Krzysztof Piatkowski
Joanna Kulig
Krzysztof Globisz