June 16, 2014 - the Mr. Sandman premiere

I would like to invite everybody to the premiere of Mr. Sandman which features my music. 

The film was produced as part of the “New Urban Legends” project. The idea behind this experimental educational project was to encourage school children to think up, tell, or write new legends about their own neighborhoods. These stories were then made into screenplays and filmed. As a result, amazing tales about eerie places and mysterious events were created. Even though they were dreamed up by children, these legends inspire a wide audience.

June 16, 2014
8 pm, 7 Cmentarna street
Zandka - Zabrze, Poland.

directed by: 
M. Poplawska, J. Pawluskiewicz

producer: Moma Film Fundation
running time: 15 min.
music: Piotr Sleczek
percussion: Jan Pilch
Wiktoria Chrobak
Damian Mielec
children's choir: Scherzino Choir